NO TOAST Avocado Toast - GF


Ok, we have to admit to being mildly addicted to avocado toast!  And by mildly, we mean completely!  So we decided to make a version of our favorite that is worthy for the Best Body menu!  Trust us, you will want to eat it every morning for breakfast!

Lean protein option includes 1/2 cup egg whites, extra protein option includes 1 cup egg whites.

Ingredients: Egg whites, baby arugula, lime infused olive oil, avocado, lime juice, onion, salt, pepper

Butter Chicken Avocado Toast:  Egg whites, boneless skinless chicken breasts, avocado, tomatoes, onion, peas, arugula,  turmeric, curry, garam masala, tandoori spice blend

Curry Yogurt:  Fat Free Greek Yogurt, crushed tomatoes, red curry paste, curry blend, onion, garlic