Poached Basa on Spaghetti Squash - GF


We get inspiration for our menu from many different places and people.  This dish was inspired by one of our favorite people, Brandi Smith from Heavy Gym.  She's a professional fitness competitor and during her prep this year needed fish that didn't taste like fish along with a tartar sauce that wouldn't throw her plan completely off the rails. 

We came up with a poaching method that is so flavorful, you will absolutely lick the dish.  The tartar sauce is to die for and it's all piled on top of al dente spaghetti squash!   Thank you for the inspiration Brandi!

Lean portion contains 3.5oz of basa, Add Protein portion contains 7oz of basa.

Ingredients: Basa, spaghetti squash, white wine, lemon juice, onions, capers, herbs, salt, fat free mayonnaise, fat free yogurt, whole grain dijon mustard

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